Considering what to do about home, land, community, and your own journey to belonging and wholeness?

Need someone who holds deep, compassionate space as well as a professional understanding of real estate, legacy, and trusts?

I hold deep and compassionate counsel and offer real estate services for people on a journey into community and place.

For almost 20 years, I have been there for people who sought to understand the deeper layers of meaning in their lives.  I bring my unique astrological perspective, real estate and land-based professional experience, community and relationship education, and a growing set of tools for navigating the mysteries of our lives in these changing times.

Where your needs extend beyond my experience scope, I am well connected and able to make referrals to other very conscientious coaches and consultants in interrelated fields.


Bring the big questions at your growth edge: Questions about home, connection, and your relationship to land and community.  I will bring my full toolkit to the table and this initial session will bring you insight, value and nourishing support.

$250 for 90min


If you wish to go deeper, bring your yearning for belonging and community. I will nourish your journey and support your evolution into your true place in this culturally, ecologically, and spiritually significant time.



My retainer service offers flexibility inside of your own time-frame. Benefit from up to 3 check-ins of 15-20 minutes in length.

You know you have someone to call who is tracking you.



I got a lot of clarity on the dynamics that I have been around me and I that was dealing with — gave me peace & understanding. I now know what I need to do to move more effectively in life, work and relationships. Cassandra is a great guide in uncovering what’s going — what’s underneath one’s experience of life.

B.N. , San Francisco

Cassandra is a patient, non judgmental fountain of information and knowledge. She is good hearted and perseveres through challenges toward positive social changes, one human relationship at a time.

N.G., Santa Rosa

We are low-income artists looking for a path to community-based home-ownership. Cassandra collaborated with us to find a fair way to share her knowledge with us. Her input and support continue to be extremely valuable. She is an inspirational role model and tremendous asset to the community at large.

P.M. Santa Rosa

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