Want to live in community but don’t know where to start?

Own land and want to build community in a way that works for you?

Have a small or large community project and need experienced real estate perspective?

I specialize in complex projects involving multi-unit properties with a dedication to community.

Creating an intentional community of any type and scale is an inspiring and monumental task. Groups greatly benefit from someone who deeply understands the terrain and the many choices that you face on your community adventure. I will help you understand what is possible given your vision, your location and your resources. Over the last ten years, I have worked with dozens of groups to move their conversations and dreams forward down a grounded and productive path.


Invite the key players of your project and bring your burning questions. I’ll get an overview of your project and the questions I ask will help you understand what you know and what you need to know for effective next steps.

When you bring me in on the ground level of your process, we can set a clear course of action. In person or online, this is a low investment strategy opportunity to inform and clarify where your group is at and where you want to go.



Visit me in my community setting. We’ll take a tour of Landwell, where I can show what we are doing on our 22 acre, 8-home community and then we will settle down in our Yurt Common House for an activating strategy session.

Three hours total. Leave with clarity and confidence to move your project forward in ways that align with both your vision and the realities of the land stewardship landscape.  



Are you ready to take a powerful step forward in getting grounded and organized? Understand the scope of your endeavor and how to move forward with group cohesion and productivity. I will lead you through an assessment with a cooperative stewardship star map to gather where your members are in the process.

Seven hours total. Two hours of intake/survey. Three hour group meeting with me in person or online. Two hours of follow up.



After your group has done one of the above options, I am available in two ongoing ways to bring forward solutions, referrals, and seriously creative brainstorming.


This is similar to a retainer service. Benefit from 2-3 check-ins of 15-20 minutes in length.

You know you have someone to call who is tracking you.



Not certain yet of your future needs, but want to help navigating the trickier terrain?

Gain high quality guidance in a pinch.


Consulting Fee Credit Back Program

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If you complete a real estate transaction with an agent that I partner with, then I will credit most, if not all, of your consulting fees to you at closing.  

Cross the threshold of pooling your money together as a group and investing in your community vision together. Receive the catalyst consulting that will help you get where you want to go. You save money toward your closing costs.

Complex Real Estate Projects

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When you need a real estate professional who completely understands your cooperative vision and motivation, I’m your gal.  I can help with off market sales, single owner converting to shared ownership, and many other unique and complex scenarios that most real estate agents don’t know what to do with.  

If you are in California, I may be able to act as an agent. Wherever you are, I can help you find an agent who can help you.


Cassandra pairs passion and knowledge for community land stewardship and acquisition expertise for the perfect bundle of skills that you will want if you’re looking for land with others.

I remember when we first starting thinking about buying land as a group of people over a decade ago, when I first met Cassandra. Lo and behold, she was the thoughtful and encouraging agent that ended up co-brokering our land purchase in 2016! We couldn’t have done it without her!

Cassandra may have been our real estate agent on paper but really she was so much more than that. She is probably better described as a real estate midwife because she guided us through a long and challenging process with many twists and turns and at the end of it all we became the stewards of a place beyond our wildest dreams! She helped us to make sense of a very unique and complex mixed-use property and was not deterred at all by the uncertainty of our fundraising to make it happen all along the way. She called us forward into possibilities we didn’t realize we were ready for, and when it seemed like we hit a barrier she helped us to reorient and connect back with our creativity. Her steadiness, enthusiasm and ability to consider possibilities outside the box is a big reason why the magic was able to flow and the pieces were able to fall into place in the end. Thank you Cassandra!

Cassandra is a unicorn. She has both the practical real estate knowledge and the community skills needed.  Cassandra came to us at a time when we were struggling. She held the direction of our group consistently for many months and helped us evolve to the next level.  What I like the best about Cassandra is that I never doubted that she was on my side.

Aaron Suedmeyer, Group Consulting Client

Cassandra was essential in helping my team’s project go from vision to reality. In addition to connecting us to the land that we would eventually purchase, she helped us get connected to the many other resources that are needed for community creation. Her care, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness were guiding lights in what can otherwise be a tumultuous process. I couldn’t recommend anybody more highly.


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