Project Description

Aletheia Springs


Set on 20 acres alongside Sonoma Creek in Glen Ellen, California, this historically significant property has multiple warm springs that provide the basis for a recreational setting for families and retreats. There are two businesses that help sustain the property as well as an extended community of support and engagement. The project is a community of research and practice dedicated to creating a family-oriented sanctuary for self-care, forging deep cooperation with nature and water, and fostering a new and ancient healing culture.


“Cassandra may have been our real estate agent on paper but really she was so much more than that. She is probably better described as a real estate midwife because she guided us through a long and challenging process with many twists and turns and at the end of it all we became the stewards of a place beyond our wildest dreams! She helped us to make sense of a very unique and complex mixed-use property and was not deterred at all by the uncertainty of our fundraising to make it happen all along the way. She called us forward into possibilities we didn’t realize we were ready for, and when it seemed like we hit a barrier she helped us to reorient and connect back with our creativity. Her steadiness, enthusiasm and ability to consider possibilities outside the box is a big reason why the magic was able to flow and the pieces were able to fall into place in the end. Thank you Cassandra!”


Along with one of my favorite real estate partners, I co-brokered the purchase of this complex property in service to our visionary clients. This project gave me the opportunity to connect in a very personal way with the buyers who are very inspirational people as well as helping to bridge their big dream in the face of a conventional real estate climate.