Project Description

CommonSpace Community Land Trust


CommonSpace Community Land Trust of Sonoma County, a newly formed 501c3 started in 2017, is committed to providing affordable housing and ecological land stewardship in perpetuity. Exploring solutions to the housing and ecological crises in Northern California, our working group: Darryl Berlin, Katherine Yates, Cassandra Ferrera, Jerry Green and Carolyn North have envisioned a multi-generational, multi-cultural and innovative model of cooperative community in Sonoma County.


“I have worked with Cassandra Ferrera in a volunteer group to create the CommonSpace Community Land Trust in Sonoma County for almost 2 years – a successful venture, we are proud to announce! Cassandra has been a big part of its success with her quick mind, clear vision, warm personality and deep commitment to the task of protecting affordable housing, ensuring land reform, and creating rich community where we live. I think she’s one of the brightest lights we have in general, but specifically in the areas of housing, real estate and community formation.”


The solution of the Community Land Trust model is deeply inspiring to me as I have sought for years to crack the code of long term cooperative stewardship for communities. My passion for this led me to be part of the working group, interim board and now I serve as a founding Board Member of CSCLT. Working on solutions to the housing crisis in my local bioregion brings me great satisfaction and joy.