Project Description

Foundation for Intentional Community


The mission of the Foundation for Intentional Community is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture. Just having celebrated our 30 years anniversary, the FIC is a cornerstone of the communities movement in North America. Communities Magazine, the Communities Directory and the bookstore are among the many ways that the FIC serves the growing communities movement.


“Cassandra has an extraordinary ability to combine heart and vision with pragmatism and effectiveness. She’s a tremendous asset for any project.”


I joined the FIC Board of Directors in May of 2016, and have grown in my ability to make a contribution to the evolution of the organization. We have worked on creating financial health as we concurrently modernize our look and feel and become increasingly relevant to the demands of the growing communities movement. We have partnered with other organizations to create the GENNA Alliance whose vision is: “We envision a world of interdependent cooperative communities stewarding the conditions of regeneration, justice, peace and abundance, in order to realize the full potential of flourishing for all life, for all generations to come.”