Project Description

Green Valley Farm + Mill


Green Valley Farm and Mill is a spectacular community, farm and historic mill site in the heart of West Sonoma County. Dedicated to deep land restoration, farming and legacy land stewardship, this project also serves the community through educational programming. Home to many households seeking to model a sustainable way for farmers to live close to the land.


Cassandra pairs passion and knowledge for community land stewardship and acquisition expertise for the perfect bundle of skills that you will want if you’re looking for land with others.

I remember when we first starting thinking about buying land as group of people over a decade ago when I first met Cassandra, and lo and behold, she was the thoughtful and encouraging agent that ended up co-brokering our land purchase in 2016! We couldn’t have done it without her.


Over the last decade, I have played multiple roles in service to this land and the people called to steward it. I have served as a real estate agent, an educator, a mediator, and facilitator, and this land teaches me that sometimes I work for the land just as much as the people.