Project Description

LandWell Community


On July 1, 2016, myself and nine other friends embarked on a brave experiment to move to 22 acres of Sebastopol farmland that was uniquely graced with abundant water and six permitted dwellings. The Spirit of this land is very strong and called to us clearly, and our intent is to create a bridge from high priced real estate to a model of cooperative stewardship in service to healing and human evolution at this pivotal time in human history. It is a big, brave and privileged undertaking, and we do not make light of the honor and responsibility that it is to weave this basket filled with vision and purpose.

Our Vision Statement

Landwell Community is an intentional community and organization weaving the human experience, as we ripen into wholeness, through deepening reciprocity with each other, our communities, the Earth and Spirit.


“When invited to join a land-based community project with Cassandra, our family accepted without hesitation. She is passionately committed to the vision of bringing ourselves into deep intimacy with place and people; not in an idealistic utopian way, but in a real, raw, wise and compassionate one.

Cassandra is a skilled cultural weaver and powerful steward of a growing movement toward remembering and practicing the foundational ancestral art of communitarian living, where all parts of us – gifts and shadows – are seen, worked with, integrated and embraced. She has an embodied understanding that the future of life on this planet depends on this personal and collective initiatiatory process. Cassandra’s gifts are pure medicine for our times.”


I had the unique opportunity to learn of this place before it went onto the real estate market, and was able to bring together the people to work with the sellers and their lawyer to create an off market real estate transaction. My family moved here and have since been on the initiatory journey of place based community at a scale that calls us to the mat of personal and interpersonal transformation!