“Our personal security is not a private matter. Life on this planet requires us to shift and see that our future is shared and must be cooperatively stewarded. We are being personally and collectively initiated into our capacity to heal the separation from each other and the land. It’s time to live as if we are all in this together.”

Cassandra Ferrera

Speaking to the intersection of community, land stewardship and the human yearning to belong.

I have spent many years helping people land in community and place in meaningful ways that reflect a deep evolution away from how we currently “own” private property.  These experiences have given me much insight into the patterns at play as visionaries and activists lead us toward a future that is cooperatively stewarded and heals the human illness of isolation.


I bring a highly relatable perspective and inspiring content from the emerging edge of the communities movement. Big questions and compelling stories guide audiences to understand the shift in how we relate to private property and belonging.


As a speaker on your panel, I will add a level of expertise and deepen conversations that explore land stewardship, personal and cultural rites of passage, and community.


From the mystical to the nuts and bolts, my workshops are designed to engage people to realize their place in the movement as we roll up our sleeves and create the better world we know is possible.


I am available to discuss and facilitate on topics of Intentional community, land use patterns, private property, the commons, cooperative stewardship, community land trusts. You can often find me at:

  • Permaculture convergences and courses
  • Transformational festivals
  • Conferences on community, cooperation, and the sharing economy


  • The State of the Communion: a provocative overview of the communities movement

  • Deepening into Cooperative Stewardship

  • Hacking Private Property and the Emergent Cooperative Code

  • Regenerative Real Estate

  • Patterns of Placemaking

  • Nuts and Bolts of Creating Land Based Community

  • Restoring our Relationship to Place


  • Art of Community 2011, 2012

  • West Coast Communities Conference 2015

  • Symbiosis 2015, 2016, 2017

  • Tribalize 2017, 2018

  • Arcosanti COnvergence 2018


Cassandra is the mother and father of the new creative living conscious community uprising. She blends solid business knowledge with the heart of communal village style living. Her presentations are not only informative but also entertaining and personable. Her knowledge of land use laws and regulations is surpassed only by her passion for helping communities discover their synergised collaborative ‘universe’ empowering them to thrive well into the future.

Mark Abadi, Author, Public Speaker, Event Producer

Cassandra is an impassioned voice for the community-resilience movement. Her years of successfully working on collective and cooperative projects have given her a lot to say, a wide array of stories to relay, and a toolbox of methods that help people succeed together. An added bonus is that Cassandra leads with her heart, and is truly a joy to listen to and work with.

Carolyne Stayton, Transition US

Cassandra Ferrera is a visionary in action. While she shares many people’s dreams for a more just and regenerative world, she also carries fresh and remarkable new ideas that can revolutionize the things we take for granted. Cassandra sees ways  we can make new choices that take us all to a better place. Check out her work and her thinking and help her to get involved with what you’re trying to do. You will not regret it, and you will have a fantastic new friend!

Mark Lakeman, City Repair, Portland VBC and Placemaking Activist

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